Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program is six years program. The program has a set of General Education courses in each discipline, mathematics and sciences, engineering courses, communications and management.

Admission  Requirements

Students who have passed the University Entrance Examination in Myanmar and who have got above 240 marks which are the total marks of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English in Matriculation Examination can apply the undergraduate program.

Program Duration

Undergraduate courses are taught in two semesters in a year. The first semester starts in November and ends in April. The second semester starts in June and ends in October.


Majors Degree School Year
Civil Engineering B.E (Civil) 6 Years
Electronics Engineering B.E (Electronics) 6 Years
Electrical Power Engineering B.E (Electrical Power) 6 Years
Mechanical Engineering B.E (Mechanical) 6 Years
Information Technology Engineering B.E (Information Technology) 6 Years